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Key take aways public speaking

Don't be afraid of Silence - Elizabeth Van den Bergh

This October, over 20 Fierce Ladies joined our Public Speaking Academy at Accenture with Elizabeth Van den Bergh, CEO at Montis. Thank You for sharing all your expertise and making us work hard! Below or the 6 key take aways I remember most. Thank You to all members that so willingly took the stand for the many interactive exercises.

(photography: Inge Wachtelaer)

Here's 6 key take aways from this Academy for those who couldn't make it.

  1. Get your head straight. Your message is valuable. When you speak, it matters.

  2. Focus and prepare. What should those who listen remember afterwards?

  3. Know your audience. What is their mindset, how does your story connects to their thoughts or challenges? Try starting with a story, a figure or a question they recognise.

  4. For a killer opening, talk slowly. Use pauses. Don't be afraid of silence. It strengthens your storytelling.

  5. Use your hands and arms to your benefit. Breathe.

  6. It's not about you. It's about your message.

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