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Not everbody has to like you, but you do.

This afternoon, we bring the power of our #fierceladies network to the financial sector. Our founder Elke Jeurissen is hosting a session with 250 members of #Womeninfinance for Febelfin.

#BeLoud #BeVisible #BeYou is the title of the workshop, based on the lessons learned from the women realising their full potential at our #fierceladies network, since it started in 2012 (when it was called #straffemadammen).

A few key take aways from this session

👉 A lack of visibility is an important blocker for many people that do not develop their full potential. Nobody can look inside your head.

👉🏾 Working harder and becoming ever more perfect will not do the trick. 👉🏻 Talking about your achievements, taking time to network, embracing visibility and actively working on it is a must have. 👉🏿 That also means getting feedback, not always in a good way. Just remember: not everybody has to like you, but you do.

The power of sisterhood

Over and over again, I see the power of sharing our stories. The accelerators and blockers on our paths. The similarities between them. The sisterhood embracing all, no matter if you are in an up or downward moment in your career or life.

That's what the Fierce Ladies tribe is really all about.

See you in September?

We take a summer break in July & August and are looking forward to welcoming our members again live and online in September. Invest in YOU, become a Fierce Lady here.

It takes just 5 minutes and you get direct access to all our activities.

🍀 Summer Deal 🍀 Take an annual membership before July 31st, pay before August 31st and start on September 1 st.

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