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Develop your full potential in 2020

Dear Fierce Ladies,

What a wonderful year we had in our accelerator. 180 inspiring women are now part of the Fierce Ladies Tribe and help each other grow. They sharpen their skills at our monthly academy, get inspired at our behind the scenes events and build their network to make a difference and develop their full potential. Thank You for turning my dream into reality!


How do our members experience the Fierce Ladies Tribe?

Grateful for these kind words....

Not your regular "network" environment. All very inspiring and strong women. Very cool events and workshops. Highly recommended!!

A lovely group of ladies with a very friendly and inspiring atmosphere. Every session I can join, I meet new and existing members. Elke is a great host that makes you feel comfortable and is excellent in connecting people.

One of the things I like most about the FLT is the 'safety': no jealousy, no envy, no keeping up appearances, but genuine intentions to help make your peers better, stronger and freer. Most refreshing!

Inspiration and "sisterhood", that's what I find here, meeting new people, gather new insights, move each other forward and have fun at inspiring locations... I like the interaction and feedback, and really enjoyed running an academy for this group full of "drive"


Also interested in joining the Fierce Ladies Tribe?

Join before 1/1 and get 1 month extra

Become a Fierce Lady here in 1 minute. Get immediate access to all our activities. Connect with 180 other Fierce Ladies that will help you grow. Join before January 1st and get 1 month extra for free! 

Have a wonderful year end and a great start of 2020!

Elke Jeurissen, Founder  0476/505454

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