A safe place to talk about my ideas & ambitions out loud

At Fierce Ladies, we believe in the power of diversity. Every month, we offer a free seat to a young talented woman from A Seat At the Table, a Brussels initiative destined to give youngsters from different backgrounds access to a variety of companies. We are happy to help them in realizing their potential. Nadia El Makhfi is one of those ladies. This is her story.


One year ago I started my own company. After finishing my education as an interior designer, I needed to find my own way. It took me this whole year of trying and searching to find my true calling. The end result is a combination of interior design, graphic design and photography. During the course of this, I got introduced to an organization called Fierce Ladies.

I had the opportunity to participate in multiple workshops. It was refreshing to see this group of empowered women. A lot of them have their own business. I was brought up in an environment that did not have a lot of entrepreneurs. My father was a worker, my mother was a house wife and my sisters studied but no one had their own business.


Fierce Ladies gave me the opportunity to meet others like me.

It gave me an opportunity to pitch my ideas without feeling judged. It has given me a safe place to talk about my ideas, ambitions and to talk about them out loud.

One of the first meetings I went to at the Fierce Ladies Thursdays, helped me to decide which way I want to go. The #accelerateyouridea workshop made me see that I wanted to combine my interior design with my other passions, which is photography and graphic design.During the course of these workshops, I got another sight on things. I got a sense of ambition, a sense of empowerment, a sense of freedom. It showed me that the world needs more fierce ladies. It has made me aware of what the differences are between women and men. It made me more ambitious to make a name for myself as an entrepreneur.


One of the workshops that I followed is called: I AM REMARKABLE.

It’s ok to say that you are good at what you do, even when it’s not perfect. You need to share that you have the skills to deliver what is wanted. This has given me a lot of confidence. It made me appreciate my work more and it made me see that I AM REMARKABLE. 

“El Makhfi”is the name of my company. I’m a ONE STOP SHOP. I am the company that helps you with the visual branding.

I help you with graphic design, pictures and conceptual design. I listen to the needs of the client and help them realize their concept. In other words I visualize your concept.


Do you also want to connect, learn, laugh & grow with other ambitious women?

Check out our upcoming venues and workshops at the Fierce Ladies Thursdays and join here.

Pictures and blog by Nadia El Makhfi

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