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Join us in Lapland at 72Hours Reload this January 2020


You could get away from it all for 72 hours. Go to an inspiring place where you connect with professionals just like you, passionate about what they do. People that like to be challenged in their thinking, are eager to develop themselves by confronting ideas, appreciate some exercise and good food in a unique setting. That place exists.

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Elke Jeurissen & Veerle Pappaert created a 3 day connection trip in 2016 to create unique encounters and unique experiences. We gather a gang of 30 inspiring professionals from a variety of backgrounds in business, media, non-profit, science, the arts and politics to reconnect with themselves, nature and all the best our destinations have to offer.

Previous trips include Sagres, Copenhagen, Marrakech, New York and Lapland.

On our next trip, we take 30 inspiring ladies to Lapland.

The sense of space, pure air and big skies in Lapland is simply magical. Join us on the frontier of Sweden and Finland to explore its vast wilderness on foot, on a snow scooter, with a husky sled, on snow raquettes or cross-country skis. Go into the wild nature and explore the wild self, reconnecting with all your senses. Just follow the lead from our local experts. Top it off with a glimpse of the Northern Lights before you cuddle up for a good nights’ sleep in a lodge by the lake.

All that in 72 hours? That’s right! In 2020, we offer a women only and a men only edition. Each trips has only 30 seats available. A few weeks before we leave, you will get a detailed road book on all activities, workshops and venues. Well not everything, we like to keep some surprises…

Check out all details and get your seat on

Elke Jeurissen, Founder Fierce Ladies & Veerle Pappaert, Founder Think Talent

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