Diversity Deep Dive - open workshop 5/6

Updated: Feb 11

The first step in addressing a challenge is to start the conversation about it.

Do you want to develop all leadership potential amongst women in your company.

Guess what? You need to open the discussion and get both women and men at all levels to join in. We are happy to help you take the next step, based on our 5 drivers for change model.

Join the next Diversity Deep Dive session on Friday, 12h-15h in Brussels: book your seat for 13/3 via this link or for 5/6 via this link.

Take a deep dive into DO's & DONT's

  • If you are new to the topic, you will soon discover that there is much to learn about what is holding women back to reach their full leadership potential. Instead of focusing on fixing the women, we need to focus on fixing the company culture.

  • We have taken the time to look into the best practices of companies that do things right. What works and what does not? We learned from over 2500 leading ladies in our network. We analyzed a massive amount of academic research around diversity & inclusion. And we have summarized all of this in the most important things you need to know to get started.

  • For everyone interested in getting more women into leadership roles, for HR Managers and other Managers in charge of diversity & inclusion that want to expand their knowledge on the topic.

What are your waiting for?

Diversity in leadership teams has a positive impact on the bottom line for companies, leading to 21 % better financial results (Mckinsey), 38 % more relevant innovation (Catalyst), better talent attraction as young professionals prefer companies that showcase their added value to society, better reputation (Forbes most admired companies have double the number of women in the exco), better risk management and less litigation (Catalyst).

In Belgium, women represent 12,1 % of the members of executive committees, 23 % of managing directors and 31 % board members in listed companies in the private sector and 29 % of senior management & boards in the public sector. Your company can do better than average. Take action today. Together, we can change the numbers.

Looking forward to seeing you soon,

Elke Jeurissen, Expert inclusive leadership & Founder Fierce Ladies


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