3 ways to accelerate female potential

Female talent is abundant. It is all around.

Women make up more than half of the world’s population.

But female leadership is often underdeveloped and invisible. Just look at the numbers.

Only 1 out of 4 experts in news media are women, only 15 percent of speakers at conferences are women, 16 percent of mayors and 33 percent of entrepreneurs are female.

Imagine a world where the untapped potential of every girl, every woman, every mother, every grandmother would actually be unlocked? Imagine a world where we change these numbers? I need YOU to help create that world. Together, we will make the 21st Century the Age of WOMANkind.

To all the Fierce Ladies out there, let’s start with 3 simple things that should be on your TO DO list every single day.

First off, let’s connect.

Not online, but offline. Not from title to title, but from one woman to another. When we start sharing more stories on how to realise our ambition, we all grow stronger.

That means: talking about the good, the bad and the ugly.

Second, let’s talk to each other about the great ideas in our minds and hearts. 

Don’t wait until they get perfect, they never do. They will get better once you share them. And they turn into real projects when you find the right people to turn ideas into action plans. At the Fierce Ladies network, you are certain to find all the inspiration you need to make ideas happen. And you will soon notice that comfort kills ambition, and that uncertainty is always part of great projects. Connect, share and meet every Thursday.

Third, let’s raise our voices

Too many talented women pass unnoticed. They are invisible. Tell your colleagues and your boss about your achievements. Share your expertise in the media, on conference stages, at every meeting you attend.

At the Fierce Ladies network, you are certain to find the right tribe to support you with this. Do not minimise but speak up. And if you feel you don’t have the right expertise, refer people to another great lady. Tell the world about other great women you know or admire, and about their achievements. Together, we can make this happen.

I they don’t offer you a seat, bring a folding chair – Shirley Chisholm

Invest in yourself. Connect, share and grow with other fiere ladies and become a MEMBER of the Fierce Ladies Tribe..

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