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The journey to more diversity and inclusion in YOUR company

Take the next step.

Companies with mixed management teams have 21 % better financial results. Can you think of any strategy that will deliver such a positive impact on your bottom line? But how do you get there?

There is no one size fits all to change the numbers. Every strategy combines individual empowerment of high potentials and efforts to change your company culture from a blocking to an accelerating factor. 

We developed a model for more diversity & inclusion taking action around 5 drivers for real change.

Proud to work in partnership with companies such as Engie, KU Leuven, BDO, Elle, ESF, Aquafin, the Port of Antwerp, Google, BeCentral, Orange, Accenture, Federal Public Service for Health, HBA women leaders in pharma, BMW,  Eurocontrol, Decathlon, KPMG and Disney Corporation,...

Define your roadmap
towards an inclusive company culture
a keynote, workshop, management dialogue
Fierce Ladies Thursdays & connect with our tribe

Book a session to advance inclusive leadership in your company 

Get inspired on the why, what & how of inclusive company cultures. Book one of our sessions for your company, conference or team. Stimulate the dialogue and find out how YOU can make a difference by taking action as an individual, as a leader and as an organization.

Book an in-company talk or dialogue 

  • The journey to more inclusive leadership - keynote talk by our founder, author & inclusive leadership expert Elke Jeurissen 

  • The business case for more diversity in the workplace: a view from the C-suite & a view from young talent - duo talk by Elke Jeurissen & Hassan Al Hilou, the youngest entrepreneur in Belgium

  • Fix the blind spots -  in company workshop to identify the accelerating & blocking factors in your company culture

  • Accelerate your growth - in company training to develop the full potential of the women in our company, based on lessons learned from 2500 ladies in our network

Join an open workshop 


Take a deep dive into diversity & inclusion practices that actually work and join this Academy with Elke Jeurissen. If you are new to the topic, you will soon discover that there is much to learn about what is holding diverse talents back to reach their full leadership potential. On the agenda in this session:

  • What works and what does not? Insights into our "5 drivers for inclusive leadership" model

  • Accelerators & blockers in your company culture

  • Open dialogue on how you can take the next step towards more inclusive leadership in your company

Upcoming dates

  • 5/6, 12-15h at JJ House in Antwerp 

  • book your seat here

  • max. 10 participants

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Set your organization on a journey towards inclusive leadership

Is more inclusion and diversity already on your agenda? Do you want to develop the full leadership potential of the women in your company?

Let's define your roadmap together.

We can help you in doing what it really takes to evolve towards more diversity in your leadership teams. Get buy in at management level, identify your next steps in the journey and develop the strategy that works for you. There is no one size fits all. But you can learn from what other organizations have done. 

Through our unique '5 drivers for real change' approach, we take you on a step by step journey and guide your company in changing the culture and the numbers.


Check out or free DO's & DONT'S here.

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Host Fierce Ladies Thursdays & connect women in your company to our tribe

When women exchange experiences, they grow together. 

The most simple way to do that across organization boundaries, is by hosting the Fierce Ladies in your company.


You will be in good company. Our hosting partners include Engie, KU Leuven, BDO, the Port of Antwerp, Google, BeCentral, BMW, Belfius, Arvesta, SD Worx, Linklaters, Orange and Accenture. 

  • We connect our Fierce Ladies to the women in your company

  • We host an Accelerate Your Idea Workshop and a Fierce Ladies Academy 

  • We co-create a Behind the scenes session highlighting your leading ladies, your story or your services with you


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