Meet the lady behind Fierce ladies...

Together, let's accelerate the full leadership potential of women

Women are doing great...

Women represent 52 % of the population and almost 47 % of the total workforce.

Girls do better at school than boys and more women finish higher education than men.

But not in leadership roles...

Only 12,1 % of executive committee members are female

(only 6,6 % in public companies),

women occupy 31 % of board member seats in listed companies, 

almost half of all management teams are all male,

15% of keynote speakers at conferences and

25 % of experts in the media are female

33 % of entrepreneurs and

only 16 % of mayors are women

Developing all leadership potential amongst women

is not a woman's issue, but a growth opportunity for society.

To change the numbers, we need to empower women 

& we need to fix company cultures.

Let's change the numbers. Together, we can make it happen. Are you in?

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(pictures by Nadia El Makhf, Inge Wachtelaer, Marco Mertensi)

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Fierce Ladies

Accelerating the full potential of all women in the workplace.

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