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Online Growth Series

Learn how to create a growth mindset, delegate like a pro and to raise your voice. These three different sessions of 90 min each will be hosted in a morning and afternoon series, up to you to decide what time suits you best.

Exclusive behind the scene 


Exclusive keynotes and a view from inside out hosted by top companies. These events are online and offline and take place once a month on Thursday Evenings.


Every month 8 different ladies will be selected according to their mutual interest to meet and connect at breakfast. 

Lunch Webinar on Thursdays

What better way to spend your lunch on Thursdays than doing it online with fellow Fierce Ladies? We invite different experts to give a mini webinar on a variety of topics every Thursday.

member zone

Connect with fellow Fierce Ladies, get access to all exclusive keynote documents, presentations and stay up to date for upcoming events. 

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Elke Jeurissen
Founder Fierce Ladies

Very friendly and inspiring atmosphere. Every session I join, I meet new and existing members. Elke is a great host that makes you feel comfortable and is excellent in connecting people. 


Director Chemistry Group

Not your regular "network" environment.

All very inspiring and strong women. Very cool events and workshops.

Highly recommended!!


Founder video production company

What I like most about this tribe is the 'safety': no jealousy, no envy, no keeping up appearances, but genuine intentions to help make your peers better, stronger and freer. Most refreshing!


Founder HR tech startup

Inspiration and "sisterhood", that's what I find here, meeting new people, gather new insights, move each other forward and have fun at inspiring locations.


Innovation Expert 

The Fierce Ladies are a “Fast Forward Force.” The encouragement to accelerate your ideas gives you the wings to fligh higher! The academies bring true inspiration. Progress, Power and Positivity – a tribe to treasure.


Creative Writer

Fierce Ladies

Accelerating the full potential of all women in the workplace.

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